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Sunday, May 08, 2005

13 - 0

I've posted before about this dive bar near me called Thirsty's. I love "dive" local bars. They are the greatest things on earth. This one is no exception. The beauty of this bar for me is the "Delmonico" steak. Now many places have a "delmonico" and it is tough to specify what a "delmonico" is. Is it a cut of steak? a special preparation? Truth is, no one is quite clear on it. When tracing it's history, some experts feel it was a special cut perhaps an elite top cut of meat. But most agree that it's meaning has most likely changed over the years. It may have started with a specific steak house in NYC. Regardless, I always get it at Thirsty's. And I mean always.

Some years ago I first went there with some work colleagues for a "wrap" party. Basically when you finish a film or video shoot you go out and party. While there drinking some beers we asked how the food was because dinner time was approaching and our client really hadn't been "wined and dined." He responded that the food was good and recommended the "Delmonico" steak cajun/blackened style. He said it was a good deal and tasted great. So of course, the power of suggestion, I got it.

I've been to Thirsty's at least 12 times since and never had anything else. About 5 visits ago I realized I had only had the Delmonico there and recognized that now I can only get the "Delmonico" to keep the streak alive. But I must say every time I've gone there I've thought to myself I'd get something else but once I sit down - "boom" it hits me, a huge tremendous craving for the "Delmonico".

Well the other night was no exception. For at least the 13th time to Thirsty's I ordered and ate the "Delmonico"

It came

Cajun/Blackened on Toast Tips
with shoestring fries and vegetables. (carrots, collie, broc, snow peas)