Hometown Tales Podcast

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Bigfoot Huntin'

Thanks to Gary Bibb from the "Bibb and Yaz Take Over the World" podcast who took us into Beaver Township, PA today on a Bigfoot Hunt. He had emailed us a while ago about getting a group together to go up to and old farm area he used to visit as a kid. Turns out there have been 2 Bigfoot Sightings up there in recent years. Of course our group dwindled down basically myself, Bryan and Bibb. All of us thought the other was going to murder us and leave us for dead in the barren woods because we had never met each other before. I suppose you shouldn't just agree to meet a stranger in the middle of nowhere. But Bibb looks like James Hetfeild from Metaliica so it was all good.

Beaver Township: A 29 year old man was driving down abandoned
railroad tracks to the entrance to his property. He stopped his car
at the gate, looked down the railroad tracks and straight in front
of him was this creature which stood between 7 to 8 foot tall. The
creature was black with long hair covering almost all of its body.
It was walking with long strides towards the witness. The witness
watched the creature for a few minutes. He had a camera and a gun on
the seat next to him. He grabbed the gun and got out of the vehicle.
Then the creature saw him and walked into the bushes. A few seconds
later deer were chased out of the bushes and across the railroad
tracks. The witness estimated the weight of the creature at 400 lbs.
The arms extended below the knee area. It had a flat nose, large
dark eyes, broad shoulders, and a short neck. The witness could not
find any footprints because the ground was hard and dry. This
sighting occurred during the daytime on a clear day. Later that
night about 1:30AM, something came to the cabin and left out two
long, rough to high-pitch, loud sounds. These sounds were also heard
by the witnesses parents. Submitted by: Paul Johnson. Courtesy

Bibb took us to the area and we got some shots for our TV show. We didn't find Mr. Bigfoot but we did come across a family hiking in the woods and they also confirmed that there have been some "sightings" in the area.

Another one Bibb referred us to was a sighting in a apple orchard close to where we were. Apparently a "Bigfoot" was pegging apples at someone.

We talked about having another larger "hunt" again sometime so if you are in the NJ/PA area and would like to come contact one of us.