Hometown Tales Podcast

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Walking Across the Country

Over the past year there has been an email circulating about a guy who was going to walk across the country and hit every continental state for a cause. Many people disregarded the email thinking it was just an "urban legend". Well, 2005 is upon us and the supposed "Big John" should be walking by now. So is it true?

Is there really a "Big John"? Did he quit his job to start this walk that will take 3 years?
The answer- YES.

And HT has a videotaped interview.

Here at Hometown Tales, we received an email from a fellow podcaster, (Andy from Tourist in the City ) and he mentioned how he did a great interview with Big John. He was encouraging other "podcasters" to cover him when they reached their state. Big J. reached NJ last week but blew through the state at lightning speed so I had to catch up with him Sunday Morning in East Philly. I walked with him and morning DJ, Jim Bone from 97.9X in Wilkes-Barre, PA for about 2 miles or so (of course and then realized I had to walk back all alone through some questionable areas with 3K worth of equipment). Regardless, I videotaped an interview with him about his walk for one of our upcoming shows and I'll also post it on our site. The camera was a bit shaky because we were walking at a good pace but it should still make a nice TV segment.

John Buoniconti will walk 16,000 miles over the next 3 years in all 48 contiguous states to help raise money and awareness for those who need help paying for cancer treatments. John's walk is inspired by both of his parents that passed away from cancer.

Stay tuned for the upcoming segment on John and check out his site so you can follow him and donate. You might be able to catch up with the guy who's walking the country in your town. And he'll be glad to have some company.