Hometown Tales Podcast

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Top 10 Horror Films

On our last podcast we talked about a recent Film magazine poll of the Top 10 Horror Movies of all time.

Well it would ony be fitting that I put my 2 cents in. Like it really matters. I judge them on being scary, influencial of the horror film genre and disturbing. Grant it I have missed some movies because I haven't seen them all. Anyway here are mine and why.

10) Night of the Living Dead (it spawned an entire genre)
9) Poltergeist (i know its very commercial but that clown thing scared me for years and it was very well made)
8) Alien (no one can hear you scream- the sequels ruined it)
7) Ringu (the original "ring" very disturbing)
6) Phantasm (that was freaky)
5) Halloween (although it didn't scare me that much, it really was good)
4) Psycho (determined how horror was made for generations)
3) The Shining (the old lady in the tub, nice)
2) The Exorcist (the face in the dream, the rotting face)
1) Jaws (i still can't help but think of it whenever I swim in the ocean to this day

Honorable Mentions

Pet Cemetery (not a great film but the scene with Zelda the broken back lady in the room made up for it, plus a kid gets nailed by a truck)

Evil Dead 2 (the best of the group, little goofy but some good scenes)

Phanton of the Opera (the orignal with Lon Cheney, he had a great make up job to this day)