Hometown Tales Podcast

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

This Week's Podcast

Did a woman disguised as a monk truly end up becoming the Pope? We discuss papal myths of the past and a recent urban legend involving the late John Paul II himself.

The Amityville Horror is back in the news [a new movie is coming out]. Likewise, Evel Knievel is in the news [a new reality show starring him son is out]. Get ready for Bigfoot sightings to increase this summer. Why? A new movie is coming out, of course. Unfortunately, cryptozoology, hauntings, and the unexplained are often ostracized only until they can be used to promote the next film or reality show.

Speaking of our hairy primate cousin in the woods, Bigfoot isn’t just in the Pacific Northwest; he has been sighted in Texas since 1837. We discuss this as well as how human organs ended up on a sidewalk in Connecticut and how much the latest gadget: “Ghost radar” will cost you.

Also, an in depth discussion on the most classic haunted house story of all time, The "Amityville Horror" or is it the "Amityville Hoax"?

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