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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Lanett, AL -The Cemetery Doll House

Thanks for Eric Vaughn for filling us in on the Cemetery Doll House in the town of Lanett, Alabama.

Basically a Doll House was built over 4 year old Nadine Earle by her parents. Nadine died back in 1933 one week before Christmas. It's said that she had wanted a Doll House for Christmas and even asked for it. "Me want it now" is displayed on the marker.

There are certainly many gravesite oddities across the country but this one is certainly worth a mention. You can find more info at The Greater Valley Area website and enjoy these pics from Eric. At first it just looks cool
Doll House

But when you see the inside, it gets a little creepy as the doll stares you down.

Doll House Inside