Hometown Tales Podcast

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

New Orleans

Our thoughts go out to the city of New Orleans and all the areas tragically affected by Hurrican Katrina. On Monday evening we were doing a podcast when it appeared that Katrina would spare the city of New Orleans. Ironically we discussed how amazed we were that the city "New Orleans" could someday be "wiped out" by a storm, never to be the same.

We even joked about the absurdity that certain extreme religious fanatics have predicted this storm as in a modern reference to the biblical city of Sodom. Of course anyone who listens regularly to our podcast knows that this is not something either Bryan or Gene believe. But nonetheless a fascinating "tale"

We would like to express our sympathy towards all those affected by this storm and clarify and apoligize for our levity on the subject. In retrospect, we would have never discussed such a tragedy so lightly knowing the next morning we would wake up and much or what we discussed was a reality.

Please donate to American Red Cross in effort to help the victims of this storm.