Hometown Tales Podcast

Friday, October 21, 2005

Podcast #38

Here's a look back at 22 minutes of the odd and audacious from our podcast for Sirius Stars CH 103 on Sirius Satellite Radio.

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Famed cryptozoologist Loren Coleman has decided not to offer $1,000,000 for any photo leading to the capture of Bigfoot. It was determined that half of us would be in the woods wearing gorilla suits while the other half would be in the woods armed with high velocity weapons.

The Russian town of Samara, Birthplace of the Radiator, will soon be unveiling a bronze statue celebrating the advent of everyone's favorite heating device.

That wasn't a bomb found in a Davenport, IA home. In fact it was an Alien Protection Device left behind by the previous owners.

In Monroe, UT, Erin Jensen was fired as a school teacher by the Sevier County School Distrcit because she's a witch. Well, not exactly a witch. Found in the meeting minutes of the school board: "Halloween is her favorite holiday and she doesn't hide the fact she prefers the dark side." Half of our listeners wouldn't have a chance getting a job teaching in Monroe.

After a brief discussion on witches, Halloween and Devil's Night [also known as Mischief Night or Cabbage Night] Gene has decided to dine at the old and haunted Mine Hill Tavernin Mine Hill, NJ.

Dennis Smith emailed us asking to check up on an Urban Myth he came across. "Back in the 80s when they were fixing the arm on the statue of liberty, were the workers really going "number one" on the statue's head?" Yes, Eric. It's New York.

More News, Tales and Discussion to come.