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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Podcast #43

Podcast #43

CA - Deer Attacks
CA- Where’s your leg?
CO- Dying Horses
KY- Crazy Glue Prank
MD- Bees Attack Children
PA- Fireballs in the Sky
PA- Crazy Glue Crime

Sean in San Fransisco wrote:

Gene and Brian, I love your show! I've been listening since March and never miss an episode.I felt compelled to write because Rochester NY is my hometown(though I live in San Francisco now) and Garbage plates were a late nite way of life on the weekends throughout my 20s. Nick Tahou(the sign has no"S") is housed in an old creepy looking train station on Main Street in Rochester. Its on the seedy side of town and us suburban kids used to head down for "a Plate", after many nights of revelry. You would wait at the counter, which was usually 3 deep at 2:30 am and shout out your order, cheesburger plate, no mac or dog plate extra sauce and in seconds you would be wolfing it down. There were no buns, but a couple pieces of bread, and lots of smiles. Now Nick Tahoe doesn't do late nights any more because of the drugs and prostitution around the restaurant. on more than one night we we're propostioned while eating in the car, when you couldn't get a seat inside. The garbage plate has spawned many knock offs...trash plate, rubbish plate, etc. But theres only one Nick Tahoes. 2 locations....but no more late nights. Damn you guys made me hungry.

Sean Barry