Hometown Tales Podcast

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Fizzle Goblin Spotted?

Muffy from the U.K. has made an outstanding discovery- She may have found the Fizzle/Phizzle Goblin in a video game. Could this be the beast? Did gamers know the legend?

"You guys talk about the Phizzle Goblin quite a bit in your podcasts, and for a while I was sad that I too could not have an experience with this creature. However, tonight that occured. I was playing the MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing game) World of Warcraft and I had a Phizzle Goblin experience. Well, with different spelling.

I had done the quest (to kill Fizzle) in the game but until listening to your show I never made the connection before. I was sent to kill the goblin Fizzle Darkstorm. The addition of the last name kind of takes away from the whole thing, but I am still quite pleased that I have killed Fizzle the goblin. I was hoping to hear him say something about joining my sister but sadly no such thing occured.

I have attached an in-game screen shot. I'm the shabbily dressed female troll, and the small green thing a little ways in front of me is Fizzle. To get much closer to him to get a decent pic meant certain game-death.

However, in the top left of the screenshot you can see that his name is Fizzle, and that he is a WoW goblin. They do tributes to other things in the game like other video games (Like Zelda) and TV shows so it may well be an actual tribute to the Phizzle Goblin." -Muffy