Hometown Tales Podcast

Monday, December 29, 2008

Evansville, IN - The Willard Library Ghost

Something mysterious lurks in the Willard Library. A lady in gray has been seen on many occasions by several different people. While speculation still stirs on who exactly this “ghost” is, the common legend involves Louise Carpenter..

Louise was the daughter of the founder of the Library. However, in a bitter dispute Louise attempted to gain control of the foundation claiming her father was unfit. Things did not go her way and she haunts the library to this day. As with any legend, the tales varies slightly among different circles.

The most notable first appearance of the “Gray Lady” happened in the late 1930s. A janitor took his nightly long walk to add coal to the furnace of the library around three in the morning. While in the basement he was startled by a glowing gray image. He dropped his flashlight and noticed this image was a lady dressed entirely in gray from her dress to her shoes. The janitor was so frightened that he ran from the basement and never returned again.
Countless other appearances have surfaces over the years and you can even watch a ghost cam live at LibraryGhost.com

However, the legend of the “Gray Lady” may be still growing. In Hometown Tales Podcast #60 listener, Scott Bishop uncovered a new twist on the legend. Scott recorded a tale his child heard in school. The tale of the “Great Lady” and how if you encounter her she will kill you. Of course it sounds extra creepy coming from a kid.

My, how the Gray Lady has grown.