Hometown Tales Podcast

Monday, December 29, 2008

Midlothian, IL - The White Lady of Bachelor's Grove

Bachelor’s Grove is reputed to be the Chicago area’s most haunted cemetery. This abandoned and neglected cemetery plays host to numerous ghostly phenomena: unexplained sights and sounds, glowing balls of light, orbs, voices, apparitions and even phantom car crashes complete with the sounds of breaking glass. But what Bachelor’s Grove is famous for is apparitions; specifically sightings of the “White Lady”.

When Illinois Ghost hunter Mari Huff snapped her now famous photo in Bachelor’s Grove, the cemetery was empty. But when the photo was developed she discovered a woman sitting on a grave stone. This apparition known as the “White Lady” is said to be the ghost of a woman buried in the cemetery next to her young son. She has been seen on nights of the full moon, wandering the cemetery with a baby in her arms.

America’s most famous ghost photo or America’s most convincing ghost hoax?

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