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Sunday, December 28, 2008

San Diego, CA - The Whaley House

San Diego, CAThis is one of America’s best! Even the United States Chamber of Commerce has declared the Whaley House as haunted. The Whaley House has apparitions, cold spots, feelings of being touched, unexplainable lights, footsteps, rappings, objects moving, the smell of cigar smoke and feelings of being watched. Built in 1857, it’s supposedly sits atop a cemetery.

If the Myrtles Plantation in Louisiana is the #1 haunted house in the nation, then Whaley house is a close second.

Here’s just a sample of what you might come across, if you decide to drop by: a lady in gingham dress, a gentleman in a frock coat, a little redheaded girl who appears so real she is sometimes mistaken for a living child, and a dog. All ghosts. The ghost of “Yankee Jim Robinson” (a thief who was clubbed to death on stairway) has been reported walking around the place at night laughing. The attorney who managed the Whaley affairs during the Civil War is still around. Also, 17 month old Tom Whaley has been seen.

People on guided tour have heard footsteps upstairs while downstairs and heard downstairs while upstairs. These events may be few and far between, but they are well worth the wait.

Photo Courtesy of the The Whaley House