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Monday, December 29, 2008

Spalding, ID - Idaho's Bigfoot

Hoax or Humanoid, Sasquatch is alive and well in Idaho.Jeff Meldrum, an Anatomy Professor at Idaho State University has collected a huge cache of Bigfoot stuff: films, videos and photos, ranging from the intriguing to just plain silly. It’s his professional quest to shift the Bigfoot phenomena from paranormal into biological.

Here are a few of the sightings he has complied:

Eight Spalding, Idaho residents witnessed a large hairy creature one evening that could only have been a bigfoot. The unidentified creature was spotted descending a hillside southwest of the Nez Perce National Historical Park’s visitor center at Spalding. “It was just too big and dark to be a man,” one witness said. The witness’ camera recorded only a tiny black speck.

On August 30, 1995, James Christopher was driving on North Fork Road Along the Salmon River just outside of Salmon, Idaho. From his car he observed an upright animal standing on the road on the north side of the Salmon River. He caught the creature in his headlights for about 10 seconds; standing in road before jumping down into the river. The animal was about 7 feet tall, remained upright, was brown in color, and his eyes showed green in the headlights. When he jumped off the road, the creature was very agile and jumped easily