Hometown Tales Podcast

Monday, December 29, 2008

Waterbury, CT - Mini Holy Land

It was every avid church-goers dream. A replica of the biblical holy land right here in the New World. Holy Land, USA was the creation of a religious lawyer, John Greco, who built the theme park of religious history in the 1950s. The “amusement park” was a big hit in the 60s and 70s as nearly 50,000 visitors walked amongst the miniature versions of Bethlehem and the temple of Jeruselem. However, John Greco was just an ordinary and humble man. Like any mortal he passed away after 90 years on this earth. After his death, the theme park closed and began to falter.

The property was left to the care of a local religious order. But like many religious orders, the organization lacked funding and resources. And since then, the park has spawned ghostly and demonic rumors. That’s what happens when religious statues and biblical theme start to fall apart. Now Waterbury is stuck with a creepy, decaying, often vandalized 17 acres of eyesore.
Is it any surprise that the religious order who cares for and owns the land are often rumored to be a mysterious cult? When teenagers trespass on the property at night to decapitate religious statues is it a shock that nuns who where long habits would get a little p.o.-ed? Thats basically where many of these rumors come from.

Holy Land U.S.A is not the home of some demonic cult. Just a poor religious order trying to keep some semblance and order to a large property that once housed a unique theme park.