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Monday, January 19, 2009

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It all started with The Black Crowes and pot.

New York in Black and White
New York, NY, united States

Potpourri, human oddities

Concord Neighbors Upset About Strange "Art" At Duplex
Concord, TN, United States

Newcomer to Keys is unwelcome, uncouth
Key Largo, FL, United States

Fifteen pacifiers found in dog's stomach
Warson Woods, MO, United States

Do you take this 'Halo 2' supersoldier? Bride, groom are game
Orlando, FL, United States

... return to the bar to finish his beer rather than seek medical attention.
York, England

Dutchman attacked by javelina wants $400,000
Tuscon, AZ, United States

Painter finds fakes at art show
Delhi, India

Pilot injures finger in Big Island crash of home-built plane
Hilo, HI, United States

Stories that are odd but intolerable

Cops: Man busted after returning reassembled lobster
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Woman accused of attacking man with bagel
St. Petersburg, FL, United States

Man finds lizard taped to car
Onkaparinga Gorge, Australia

... A grieving London groom is set to wed his deceased fiancee
London, Greater London, England

Man threatens wife by turning on chainsaw in fight
Tampa, FL, United States

Panhandle Captain Admits To Bombing Dolphins
Panama City, FL, United States

Water for state beverage? Someone's all wet
IN, United States

Exotic goat dies in bizarre accident at Calgary Zoo
Calgary, Alberta, Canada