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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

HT Stock Ticker 01-13-2009

Potpourri, human oddities
Jimmy Carter's bike stolen
Atlanta, GA, United States

Minneapolis Sleepwalker Receives Frostbite After Walking Barefoot Overnight
Minneapolis, MN, United States

Pope declares 'holy war' against people ...
Vatican City, Rome, Italy

Ozark Profile : Springdale native's love of radios leads to WWII adventures
Springdale, AK, United States

Inside New York Chicken Pox Parties
New York, NY, United States

Stories that are odd but intolerable
Man 'stabbed girlfriend to death' in row over kitten's name
Truncalls, Luton, England

Car, Driver Dragged Half-Mile By Snowplow
Colorado City, CO, United States

Dad Sells Girl, Calls Cops to Complain He Wasn't Paid
Greenfield, CA, United States