Hometown Tales Podcast

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Earthquake

You may have heard but my hometown was hit with a 3.0 Earthquake. I know if you live in California that seems like nothing. But for me, it was pretty cool. Just a little after 10:30 at night I was getting into bed and had headphones on. All of a sudden I felt some massive bass. I looked to my wife and could immediately tell from the look on her face that she felt the "bass" too. And she didn't have headphones on.

Of course she thought it was our furnace but I was pretty sure it was something else. I grew up in Succasunna, NJ not far from where I live now (about 35 mins) and Succassunna was close to Kenvil, NJ. Kenvil, NJ used to be home to Hercules Ammunitions. Throughout their history the joint had blown up several times, once in the early 90s. It was an early morning about 5am and I could just feel the whole earth move when the place rocked the town then. That's exactly what the "earthquake" felt like.

Turns out the actual fault line, The Ramapo Fault Line, is actually in my town two. Hopefully I won't be swallowed up by the Earth someday. Until then my hometown's tale is - We were hit with an earthquake Feb 1, 2009.