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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

HT Stock Ticker 03-10-2009

Potpourri, Human Oddities

Long Island man sues Mendham psychic in alleged $250K scam
Long Island, NY, United States

Bake sale held for the MBTA
Boston, MA, United States

Coffee taster's tongue worth £10m
London, Greater London, England

World War II vet finds he was due for Distinguished Flying Cross since '45
Kyle, TX, United States

Boater Warning: Beware Of Jumping Fish
Gainesville, FL, United States

Austrian village offers free land to boost population
Rappottenstein, Austria

Shark-Bite Capital To Host Surfing Contest
New Smyrna, FL, United States

Fishermen keep fishing as boat slowly sinks
Escambia County, FL, United States

Unique portrait from Shakespeare's life unveiled
London, Greater London, England

Brothers exchange same birthday card since 1973
Colorado Springs, CO, United States

Swiss uproar: Prostitute buried near John Calvin
Geneva, Switzerland

Stories that are Intolerable

Virginia man pays his $350 electric bill in pennies
Bristol, VA, United States

'Rare white deer' to be subject of 'hunting auction'