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Thursday, March 05, 2009

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Folks this I know is long over due so I won’t prattle on about life and such and just say I am back.

Potpourri, Human Oddities
OAP mystified by burping complaint
Chelmsford, Essex, England

Couple drives 170km with cobra in car
Kruger, South Africa

Obama wore bulletproof suit at inauguration: report
Washington, DC, United States

Atlanta Woman Finds 'Mammal Bone' in Blue M&M
Atlanta, GA, United States

Bogus peer Hugh Rodley tried to pull off world’s biggest bank raid
Greater London, England

Grave discovery at bottom of garden
South Brent, Devon, England

U.Va. exhibits Poe letter apologizing for drinking
Richmond, VA, United States

Woman found phone in bag of chips
Janesville, WI, United States

Vermonters search for roads of yore
VT, United States

University of Florida wants Gator alumni graveyard
Tallahasse, FL, United States

Christian salt, a wingnut alternative to Kosher salt

Eagle Busts Through Trucker's Windshield In Nevada
NV, United States

Wombat poo paper launched

Man discovers human teeth in new wallet
Falmouth, MA, United States

Do Not Hide An Engagement Ring In A Frosty And Then Hold An Eating Contest
New Mexico, United States

Stories that Intolerable
Mexican worker sews his lips to demand promotion
Veracruz, Mexico

Police charge man wearing machete in mall
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Ill. mystery placenta may be from midwife
Urbana, IL, United States

Woman Calls Police 500 Times Over Neighbours Nightclub
Seattle, WA, United States