Hometown Tales Podcast

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Preserve Greystone

I recently attended a meeting regarding the preservation of Greystone Psychiatric's historic Kirkbride Building. You've probably heard us discuss Greystone often on our show. It was once the largest structure in the nation, when you include it's underground tunnels, until the Pentagon came along. Greystone became an enormous mental health institution and it surely had it's share of tales.

Sadly, Greystone became overcrowded and tormented by abuse allegations and other questionable activity that was so prevalent in most of the mental health field at one time. Over the years it has become a shadow of it's former self. The institution has obviously reformed and even has new building for adequate treatment. However, many of the old classic abandoned buildings have been torn down. There is a growing movement to keep New Jersey from tearing down the famous and classic Kirkbride building.

Hometown Tales strongly supports this movement. Please check out PreserveGreystone.org

As well you can view some snapshots Hometown Tales took several years ago on one of our many visitors to the grounds. Unfortunately, many of the building in these photos are no longer standing.