Hometown Tales Podcast

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Haunted Trains

In the latest Hometown Tales Radio Show we discuss Haunted Trains, Tracks and Tunnels. And there are many. Some of the most famous are Lincoln's Funeral Train which apparently still makes the ghostly ride it did after Lincoln was killed. It has been spotted all across the original procession route.

There are many stories of "gravity hills", those urban legends where you can put your car in neutral on what appears to be an incline and mysteriously your car will roll up hill. Legends of children ghosts from a horrible bus accident pushing the car are natural cause. San Antonio takes it to the next level. In their version of the tale, the bus full of children was hit by a train. Their little fingerprints can be seen on the bumper of your car when you park just past where the tracks once were. They are responsible for pushing your car "uphill"

You'll also hear about many other famous railway ghosts like the Hookerman Lights on NJ, Scotland's Ghost Train, The Haunted Tunnel of KY, a Hobo Ghost in OH, Haunted Tracks in Indiana and much more more. Listen in.