Hometown Tales Podcast

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tons of MP3s

Hey Everyone,

You'll notice a list of all our Radio Shows on the right column of this site. Just scroll down a bit but we also figured we'd update a couple of the last shows in a post. We didn't post for every show in like the last 20 or so.

But here they are.

HT Radio Show #321 - Bryan And the Tornado. Hear about Bryan's trip to the midwest where he went Storm Chasing.

HT- Radio #320 - Weird Northwest. Discussing the odd tales of Oregon and Washington with Weird Washington and Weird Oregon authors, Jeff Davis and Al Aufrasio.

HT- Radio #319- Tales of Meat, Part 1. While we mostly cover tales of beef, we discuss some of the origins of your favorite cuts and other delicacies. One of our most popular shows in a long time.

HT Radio #318. Catching up on the strangest tales including the square donuts, Bryan's trip looking for tornados, Lord Jesus Christ hit by a car, life on Mars, Lost Colony, more strange food and much much more.

HT Radio #317. More on haggis, Cheeburger Cheeburger, oldest jazz club, Ghengis Khan killing the messenger, church in the basement, massive fireball and more.

HT Radio #316. Where'd the tomato come from? Kids in car moved by UFO in NH, the troll hidden in a closet, dead body under the couch and much much more.

HT Radio #315. Catching up on the latest and strangest of news. Big fight in the UK over dry roasted nuts. Haggis Chocolate, Strange Sighting, The Golden Dawn and the Tarot and Satanic terrorist threat. Plus much more.

HT Radio #314- Kuchisake-ona. The Japanese urban legend of the Slit-mouth woman.