Hometown Tales Podcast

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

The Village in Skillman?

hi, you were just at my school on october 29.....hillsborough middle school..i told you that i knew a very freaky place called the village, it is in skillman new jersey across the street from the new montgomry township highschool. i went there one night w/ my friend and our sisters...of course our fathers came w/ us. we drove onto the haunted road....where they had many old big houses that crazy people stayed in. the also have cages where they put the people in n burnt them, there are also gates on the windows......and cages where the craziest people stayed.....well my friend and her dad went in one of the buildings and heard strange sounds....most of the homes had no lights on but when we went past them again the lights where on but.....you saw weird lights movin around!!!i am very scared of this place but it would be awesome if you did an episode on it.....

 thank you,

HMS 7th grader