Hometown Tales Podcast

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Can Completely Commend Pravda

Unfortunately neither our government nor mainstream media have ever embraced the bizarre and unexplained. Careful now! Let's not jump head first into the shallow end of the government cover-ups, conspiracies, 1947, Knights Templar, DaVinci Codes, etc., etc. It's terribly unlikely that our elected officials will bring up flying saucers, chupacabras, hookerman lights. It's simply our own American pragmatism; we're not exactly willing to admit to anything we cannot explain or control.

Examples: Senator John Glenn and President Carter both had close encounters with unidentified flying object (Glenn while in orbit, Carter reported seeing an object in the sky outside of Leary Georgia in 1969.) But you'd never hear it from them, publicly. The White House is haunted. But you'd never hear it from them, officially.

And while some things in the press are half-truths or complete un-truths, it's still pretty difficult to get a double by-line in a national paper claiming “Evidence Links Aliens to Cattle Mutilations.” Ain't gonna happen.

And then there's Russia: the land that is still poisoning the opposition. The land of the mad monk Rasputin and the Tunguska blast. They believe. And each day the newspaper Pravda rolls out more of the unexplained. Along with the Fortean Times, it's the place to go for your daily fix of headlines like: “Soviets Conquered Mars 30 years ago”, “Russian Creates Time Machine” and “Unkown Creatures of the Sky”. But this is definitely not the Russian version of the National Enquirer. Pravda began as publication of the Communist Party, and, as such, it became a state-owned newspaper. Today, it's the most read paper in Russia. It's their Times.

Intriguing. A once Soviet-run newspaper that boldly attempted to monitor, affect and control what citizens believed in would so openly embrace the unbelievable.

Do check it out at http://english.pravda.ru/