Hometown Tales Podcast

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Ghosts of December 7

Pearl Harbor, Hawai'i

December 7th: “… a day that will live …” And with so many reporting sightings of ghosts, spirits and everything paranormal, that day most definitely does live on in Pearl Harbor, Ford Island and at Hickam Air Field.

When the bombs and torpedoes began falling from the skies, service men, aboard ship and on land, scrambled to their battle stations. Many didn’t make it. In numerous spots in and around Hickman Field, people have felt an unwarranted sense of urgency: like people running past them, a feeling of being in some sort of emergency situation (sometimes accompanied by the sound of boots pounding down stairs).

All around Pearl Harbor, the sounds of footsteps or ship hatches slamming shut are heard. Cold drafts. Feelings of not being alone. Apparitions in uniform have all been seen and felt.

At Hickam Air Field, where bullet holes still pock a few remaining buildings, people have encountered the moans of dying men, doors opening and closing on there own and ghosts, dressed in fatigues, roaming the halls seemingly without destination.

Ford Island residents have reported strange occurrences including voices and footsteps from empty rooms, finding objects moved or stacked, lights and appliances suddenly turning on at night, a strange pale glowing "fog-like" apparition floating through the houses often accompanied with a strange odor.