Hometown Tales Podcast

Thursday, March 03, 2005

An observation

Tonight’s sky was perfectly clear as I drove away from Fitzpatrick’s place, after recording out weekly PodCast. Idling at the stop sign, I could look west past central New Jersey into Pennsylvania. The night was pristine. A black syrup interrupted only by a perfectly ordered row of tiny white lights, hanging on the sky like a forgotten line of Christmas lights. Each of these lights slowly descends toward Newark or JFK, carrying in them Hometown Tales. Belted, locked and in their upright positions, passengers from towns and places entirely different from our own come at us through the night with individual stories, histories, memories.

Each of our stories is different. But in their uniqueness, we can still find that universal story we all share: we’re born … we die … and in between we attempt to make our lives as interesting as possible. In these moments we create our own tales. Stories that, when told, weave together to create a tapestry of who we are as a culture.

If your story hasn’t need told then that fabric of what we are is incomplete. Everyone has a tale that must be told. You don’t have to volunteer it on this blog, or to anyone who you think may judge you. You might be too shy or feel your tale is too inadequate to offer to more than to those closest to you. But tell your tale, regardless. Everyone is responsible to add their seemingly insignificant thread no matter how uninteresting or banal you think your life, your story may be. Realize that it’s part of something greater.