Hometown Tales Podcast

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

4/13/05 Podcast Back Up !!

Sorry for the delay, we had some server troubles on our latest podcast but we are back up. Enjoy

The new podcast is out covering a variety of topics including digging to the center of the earth, are UFOs angels, more haunted prisons in the Phillipines, a dark hoax in New Brunswick, NJ, an update on the finger found in the Wendy's chili, the ghost history of the UK including Mary King's Close and the first medium, being buried alive, a Nordic rock in MN plus giveways and much much more.

We tried something new so hopefully the audio is a little better. Bryan's mic might still be a little low but it's probably because it was a crappier mic. Hopefully soon we'll have something better.

MP3 here

Show notes here