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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Letter to an Elf

Have you checked out the "Elf Tree" tale under our Minnesota section? Mr. Little Guy [an elf] will reply to your letters if you leave them behind his elf door in a tree along the shore of Lake Harriet. We were thinking about writing him a letter. It might read something like this ... or it might not.

April 21, 2005

To: Mr. Little Guy
Behind the Door in the Tree by the Shore of Lake Harriet

Dear Mr. Little Guy,
If humans have gnomes in their yard, what do elves have? Do elves have tales and folklore and a vast history? Where’d you come from, are your ears really pointed, when you play D&D what character do you choose? Can you give us a little clue because we cannot find anything about elves in the library. We looked online, but we’ve discovered most of those online Elves are really just loser wannabes with made-up names like “Theoric of NightGate”.

Bryan & Gene
Hometown Tales