Hometown Tales Podcast

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

4/27/05 Podcast & Ghost Conference

The 4/27 Podcast is out. Discussed a lot of things inlcuding the latest bigfoot video. Plus a ton more. You can read the show notes in the "tunes" section or on the homepage.

We've been slaving away to prepare for this weeks New Jersey Ghost Hunter's Conference. We are not ghost hunters but we'll have a table on Saturday. (4/30/05) You can find out more at NJGHS

Its a good penny to get it but we think you'll enjoy. Plus you can talk to us. And buy our DVDs. We are putting out all our Public Acces Episodes on a 3 DVD set. You can buy them all or just one volume at a time.

And we'll probably be sound seeing or podcasting in some way shape or form.

Hope to see you there.