Hometown Tales Podcast

Friday, April 01, 2005


Currently we're working on a piece dealing with the well-documented Attack on New Jersey from Martian Spacecraft on October 30, 1938.

Of course, we are talking about the War of the World's radio drama created by Howard Koch and Orson Welles. This HT segment looks at the power of the media, mass hysteria and how the biggest lies are usually the ones we most believe.

But many of us say, "It couldn't happen today." As if we're too savvy not to be suckered. Wrong!

Today, thousands took to the streets of Croatia in near-violent protest after online news service claimed the national soccer team was being banned from the 2006 World Cup finals. Hello! Today's April Fools Day, remember? A day of hoaxes. Still, thousands of protestors took to the streets carrying banners attacking FIFA before the news service admitted the hoax. Croatia leads in the World Cup's qualifying group against Sweden, Bulgaria, Hungary, Iceland and Malta.

Okay, so now you're saying, "Well that's Croatia. We can't be hookwinked in America."

We have two words for you: Milli Vanilli.