Hometown Tales Podcast

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

New Show 7/12, Vcast Coming.

We did a good job at getting to a lot of listener mail. All of it was great of course. It's really good to hear what everyone's tales are from their hometown. Keep 'em coming. Of course, we apologize in advance if we don't get back to you or we don't mention it in the cast. I suppose it's a good thing getting a lot of email but it's been tough getting time to get back to everyone.

Latest Podcast is here

We used some tunes from the band, Vehicle. Check them out at www.sluggosgoonemusic.com

You'll also be getting a video clip in your RSS feed this week. Probably on Friday. It features a special that's on every diner menu in NJ on Thursdays. Check your feed to find out. To best view the video go into iTunes preferences and click on "ADVANCED" then choose video to "open in a new video". Also make sure your "album art feature" on the bottom right on iTunes is click on. And the video should come in fine. For those on iPodderX or iPodder, it will show up in your downloads folder (but may require iTunes to open).