Hometown Tales Podcast

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

New Show 7/5, Slow Downloads

Our latest podcast started out great but became a disaster. We did it for the first time in Garage Band which was great until we realized there is a time limit. So the files were brought back to Soundtrack and edited. The volume is still not quite where we want it but at least it's out there.

Also you may be experiencing some slow download speeds of the podcast. It seems to be slowest mid-day. This appears to be something going on with our podcast server, Libsyn. We are trying to figure out a solution. With the new launch of iTunes it's amazing that Libsyn stayed in tact and didn't crash. Generally Libsyn has been great but hopefully the downloads will soon come a little quicker.

Another bonus on this weeks podcast was another appearance of Bryan's daughter, Maggie. And she didn't make in her diaper during out show for the first time ever. Of course, she is getting older and requiring a little more attention as she roams around Gene's home while we podcast.