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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Turbulence 3: Heavy Metal

(ewww, lightning from demonic eyes will strike the plane)

Nearly two years ago, dedicated listener, Mike Meyer sent us a nice care package of various items. One such item was a DVD for "Turbulence 3 : Heavy Metal"
This was the 3rd installment of a low budget film series involving terror in the skies long before the airline industry was faced with real-life terrorists and poisonous snakes from Hawaii.

The reason why Mike had sent us the DVD was because the plot centered around the "Stull Prophecy". This omen was based of the urban legend of Stull, Kansas which Hometown Tales has discussed and documented frequently. The legend involves an old church in the middle of nowhere that supposedly marked the location of an entrance to Hell. Of course if you've seen our video segment on the "Gateway to Hell" in you've realized it's just a sad fabricated halloween story that has probably done damage and vandalism to a historic old cemetery. (CHECK OUT OUR VIDEO SEGMENT)

In the mundanely-acted Turbulence 3 a controversial rocker, Slade Craven is scheduled to perform his last concert abort a luxury Boeing 747. Of course the show will be broadcasted to millions online. The only catch is some Satanic terrorists hijack the show and plane. Their goal: to take the plane, and 10 million online viewers, down into a fiery blaze at Stull- fulfilling an ancient prophecy.

This movie is cool for only 1 reason, ok maybe 2. It subtly involves a "hometown tale" and it's so bad it's almost good. I stress the word "almost"

My official review - If you enjoy b-movies that often air lonely Saturday afternoons on the Sci-Fi channel. This is your flick.

Thanks Mike for the gift and sorry it took 2 years to watch Turbulence 3, it was well worth the wait.