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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Villisca, IA - The Axe Murder House

Villisca, Iowa is filled with rich history. The town is steeped with esteemed war veterans from conflicts dating back to World War I. Villisca also has a rich history as an early Coca-Cola bottling town. A bottling company that still operates today. Of course, as with many towns, it only take a good ghost story to steal the spotlight from these interesting narratives. And haunting tales from an old brutal unsolved axe murder dominate local history even more.

In 1912, the Moore family returned to their home after a church gathering with their children and 2 of their children's friends who would stay the night at the home. They entered their home late on that Sunday night and would not be seen again until later the next morning when all of their bludgeoned bodies were discovered. Everyone one of them were murdered while they slept by an axe wielding maniac. The axe, lighted wipe of it's blood, was left at the scene but no signs of forced entry. Many assume the assailant had lay waiting in the home when the Moore's and children arrived home on Sunday evening, then proceeding to his or her ghastly crime while all the victims were sleeping.

Today, the crime would have easily solvable but in the early 1900s there were no advanced fingerprinting tactics or DNA analysis. Many investigators and even spectators entered the home after the incident and may have tainted the crime scene or overlooked several clues. Details of the horrid crime are heavily debated today. A slab of bacon found near a victim, the position of one of the victims bodies and even a missing piece of Jo Moore's skull are all items discussed by crime enthusiasts today.

The house was eventually restored and now frequented by tourists, psychics and paranormal investigators today. Of course many of them claim to find evidence the murdered children's ghosts, the unknown murderer or other paranormal activity. The faint sound of children's voices or psychic communication about the unsolved wrongdoing are common elements of the Axe Murder house today.

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