Hometown Tales Podcast

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Mason City, IA - The Monster Turtle

Loch Ness has it's Nessie, Lake Champlain has it's Champie but Iowa doesn't need a large body of water for their giant water-dwelling beasts, they just need a pond.

Big Blue Pond isn't very big and is mostly know for it's stocked rainbow trout and snapper turtles but some claim to have witnessed something a bit larger. Of course it's always a "friend of a friend" who had something on their fishing line, saw something pop out of the water or was almost been eaten by the Monster Turtle of Big Blue Pond in Clear Lake State Park. Many say a monster snapper turtle lurks the bottom of the pond.

Faithful Hometown Tales follower, Josh from nearby Cedar Fall, IA claims his "friends brother" was horsing around Big Blue with friends as a kid and one friend fell in the pond. Just after the kid walked ashore an enormous serpentine head emerged from the water with mouth agape in an attempt to eat the young boy. Of course the terrified child escaped in the nick of time just like a scene from a good JAWS movie. The children were convinced there was some beast in the pond until later hearing the legend of the Monster Turtle. Simple deduction leads them to believe they encountered the beast himself.

While officials from the Park have never seen anything to indicate such a large turtle, they also can't disprove it. Turtles can live a long time so The Monster Turtle of Big Blue may lurk Mason City waters for some time.