Hometown Tales Podcast

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Beast of Lytham

There is a link to a news story about the Beast of Lytham in the UK on our homepage this week that featured a great illustration. Our apologies to the artist for not properly citing his work. At Hometown Tales we basically aggregate news that we find across the worl. What we didn't realized isthat the artist who created the image has not been properly cited in many places. Althouth our image was just a thumbnail and linked to an article that did properly cite the work, we'd like to still give a plug to the artist.

The 'Beast of Green Drive' was witnessed and reported by at least 20
people. The dark-artist and conceptual designer Sam Shearon has
compiled these reports and produced an artistic impression of the
creatureas featured in The Daily Mail Newspaper. Visit the official website for more information on the creature and continual
witness report updates... Or to see more of the artists' work here