Hometown Tales Podcast

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Something is not right.

If you listen to the podcast or seen episodes of the show, then you'll know that I've got a thing about ghosts. Fear, I believe it's called. Don't know why. Never seen one. Sincerely don't want to.

So why am I packing my camera [Sony Mini DV w/ infrared Night Shot] and a mini tape recorder and several items of black clothing for a trip to Gettysburg? As the most haunted town in America, it's the one place people like me should avoid. Such is the life in Hometown Tales.

This weekend, we have a paranormal investigation, rooms in haunted B&Bs [at least I do, Gene has an entirely different story of his lodgings] and a battlefield where almost 60,000 died.

So why is it that I'm not the least bit afraid? Somethign's not right. I may be sticking my tongue out at the paranormal community, but it seems that if a place is supposed to be a "Oh yeah! it's wickedly haunted. Ghosts everywhere!" place, then there's no mystery, no suspence, no imagination ... no fear?

Now if it's an unknown place that only might be haunted ... then your imagination can run wild. That's scary.

Whichever it is. We'll let you know if a couple days.